Credit Card

VISA - MasterCard - Discover - JCPenny - AMEX

Debit Card

NAPS (Local Qatari bank debit cards)

Direct Mobile BILL - DCB

Connected with Ooredoo and Vodafone billing system to enable our merchants to collect payment via customers mobile bills or mobile credit.

QMP Wallet

Local Banks Mini Wallet on the go for micro payments


Noqoody Mini on the go wallet for micro payments

QMP Banks Wallets

A secured web payment link contains the merchant id, payment service and amount or else, can be pushed to customers via WEB, SMS, Email, and other apps to perform viewing online Noqoody Payment Page to proceed to pay.

QMP Banks Wallets

A secured web payment link contains the merchant id, payment service and amount or else, can be pushed to customers via WEB, SMS, Email, and other apps to perform viewing online Noqoody Payment Page to proceed to pay.

QFC Forwarding Payments

QFC Pay Portal is a Split Payments Solution as a Qatari-first feature from Noqoody Qatar that instantly splits a portion of an online payment with a third party. Noqoody Payment Services has developed with the help of a new online instant sophisticated payment Solution which will organize the payment follow and channels between MOCI Merchants and QFC Merchants and to allow smooth payment path for QFC Merchants to practice their business in Qatar Local Market consumers.


Noqoody Billing is the fastest way for your business to bill customers with subscriptions or invoices. Capture more revenue, support new products or business models, and accept recurring payments globally


Noqoody Tax lets you calculate and collect sales tax, VAT, and GST with one line of code or the click of a button. Know where to register, automatically collect the right amount of tax, and access the reports you need to file returns


Unique feature of Spliting cost of Payment Gateway processing fees with your customers.

E-INVOICE / E-Billing

Noqoody enables you to generate electronic invoicing and reoccurre billing, share it with your customers via email, SMS, social media and more and let them pay the way they prefer.

Auto Settlement - Refund

Noqoody tap e-commerce players and large enterprises with its payment gateway, payout, auto-collect and daily auto settlement solutions for easy manager review. Instant Refund: For online payments and cash on delivery payments. Independent of banking hours!


We provide different types and styles of POS devices to your system to be able to process your payments online.


Noqoody Payment Page

A secured web payment page that authorizes a transfer of funds between financial institutions to merchant via entering card data on secured payment page and accepting to transfer via OTP or else to proceed to pay.

Payment Link

A secured web payment link contains the merchant id, payment service and amount or else, can be pushed to customers via WEB, SMS, Email, and other apps to perform viewing online Noqoody Payment Page to proceed to pay.

DCB Payment SMS

A SMS combined with the verified mobile number via OTP to be pressed by mobile holder customer to authorize to complete the payment via his mobile credit balance or his monthly bill, and/or with sending direct SMS from mobile holder to operator short code with the related product id or amount wants to pay.


A Token it’s a number given to each stored card information on a secured file server against a merchant account to be used later to proceed to pay: 1 – to pay without OTP 2 – To pay silent transaction for subscriptions and reoccurring payments or on demand.


A SWIPE payment is a tool to expediate a micro payment on kiosk and smart devices to complete the data transfer journey for customer card as an online payment to read his card details instantly from magnetic or NFC device to fillup Noqoody Payment Page then complete the journey of payment without using keyboard but only by entering the OTP NO. to proceed to Pay


A MOTO payment is a virtual transaction that works in the say as if customer were paying via an online card machine. The MOTO system contacts the bank of the customer to ensure fund are available before authorizing the payment and has the option to block amount for certain time period before accepting or refunding the amount as mostly used in hotels’ back office.


When a QR code is scanned, the horizontal and vertical patterns of the matrix are decoded by the software on your smartphone and converted into a string of characters. This String will contain (Noqoody Payment Link) or (Noqoody Payment SMS Link) to perform viewing the required payment method Page to proceed to pay.


Invoicing is a global invoicing platform built to save you time and get you paid faster. Create and send a Noqoody-hosted invoice in minutes—no code required. Or, use the Invoicing API and advanced features to automate how you collect and reconcile payments.


Card Payments

Accept payments
anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Payments

Accept payments
from any mobile credit
in Qatar

Wallet Payments

from any Local Banks Wallets
in Qatar

POS Systems

Accept payments
from any POS at any Banks
in Qatar


Accept payments
anytime, anywhere.

Payment Link

Accept payments
from any mobile credit
in Qatar

Split Payment

Accept payments
from any Local Banks Wallets
in Qatar

QRcode Payments

Accept payments
from any QMP POS at any Banks
in Qatar

Micro Payment Solutions

Noqoody is one of Qatar´s leading payment service provider (PSP). The professional payment methods, shop plugins and services of Micropayment offer the right solution for every online shop or content provider. With World-class devices for all your business needs, Noqoody allows you to accept POS payments on any Location.


Noqoody Received The PSP License from QCB Fintech Department

noqoody Payment Services has acquired official License approval from Qatar Central Bank to operate as Payment Service Provider (PSP). And to continue helping businesses in Qatar to grow, and driving businesses expansion, risk management, shopping experience for Brands and Merchants.

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DISCOVER noqoody Pay Advanced Payment Solutions

Noqoody allows merchants to accept payments in any market While enabling a wide range of payment optimization And security features via a single API

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Learn More About Our Certificates

Security and compliance are important to you, and they are just as important to us at Noqoody.

Noqoody: Solving AML Problems
Via Collective Intelligence

As money laundering techniques are growing in volume and complexity, banks can no longer sustain fighting financial crimes the conventional way by just focussing on rules-based, siloed detection with no or limited insights from peer banks. This system begins with analysing the current state of the AML Transaction Monitoring (TM) ecosystem, highlighting the challenges across legacy systems and traditional machine learning applications. In the next segment, the paper highlights Noqoody’s AML innovation in TM through Typology Repository Management (TRM), a new way of detecting money laundering through collective intelligence and continuous learning. At Noqoody, we envision that this advanced machine learning approach will enable financial institutions to capture changing customer behaviour and stop the bad actors with high accuracy and speed, improving returns and risk coverage.


Qatar Islamic Bank

Digital Technology Park Co.

Q-Mobile Middle East Co.

Qatar National Bank

Noqoody Intelligent Team

The platform that launches your team towards the next big milestone, whatever that might be

Chief Executive Officer

Noqoody was founded in 2016. In just a few years, it grew into a team of almost Thirty employees. Even though we are divided into highly specialised teams, playing to our strengths and expertise in project delivery, we put great emphasis on collaboration, team problem resolution, issue consultation, support, and experience-sharing with other colleagues.


My main areas of expertise are financial and professional services, and I also consult on crisis management situations across the business.

Sales & Development

I am Head of Contracts and Compliances - ensuring the fulfillment of contract obligations under the terms with government regulations is multifaceted and critical for a business.

Fintech and Research

Responsible for transforming the utility department from all manual processes to automated processes utilizing information technology. Analyzed and implemented all current systems with the exception of the mainframe billing system.

Business Deployment

I am in charge of the day-to-day operational running of the business, which includes our business strategy, operations and client services. Over the past 6 years I’ve transformed the way that we measure and report on what we do for our clients, and can confidently say that Noqoody is now an industry leader.

Payment Manager

I’m responsible for maintaining the quality and standard of Noqoody’s Payment System as well as the agency’s HR, learning and development.

Developers & IT

Maintained and administered computer networks and related computing environments, including computer hardware, systems software, applications software, and all configurations.